Likewise Kids Helps

Schools need help & we can help you!

We offer 2 ways to help

1. Set up a Fundraiser with us. All you do is promote! 10% of all sales over a specified period of time go toward your school!

2. Does your school collect box tops? or do they need to start?

Box Tops Help

Here is what we can help you do to raise money for your school:

Help you set up a Box Tops Coordinator account 
       -If you already have one, we will coordinate with you

You Collect the Box Tops, Send them to us, & we will count, sort, package, and ship to Box Tops for Education for you

We are very experienced at doing this process and will save you countless hours!

What will this cost? 10% of the amount we ship to Box Tops for Education 
                                                 + the cost of shipping
     For example, if we send off $100, we get $10. If we send $1,000 we get $100. 
We will send a PayPal invoice once the Box Tops are shipped.

We have found that many schools do not collect Box Tops simply because of the time required to collect, sort, package, & ship. So, we are going to take the time out of it and do it for you! You make money for the school that otherwise would have been passed up.

How do we sign up?  Fill out the form below and we can get started.

Box Tops Help from Likewise Kids

Do you already have a Box Tops Coordinator?

How do you prefer to communicate with us?

Do you agree to pay Likewise Kids 10% of the amount of Box Tops sent plus shipping costs?

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