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* Our sales help! We donate to charity for EACH purchase. We aren't seasonal givers. ~ Likewise Kids

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 Charity of the Moment

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

specifically Team Jenny

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Help us continue the good fight & help as much as we can. 



Our mission is to provide affordable quality products to our customers, while also being able to give back.   **$1 from each product purchase and $5 from each Little Picasso purchase goes to our Charity of the Moment. 

Likewise Kids was started after a realization that everyone needs to feel like they help.  By buying through, you and your kids can help charities that you choose by purchasing products you would normally purchase and having the satisfaction of knowing that you also helped a charity, with no extra effort.  Help teach your kids about giving and that they are important in the process by choosing a charity for our list.  Help us help others! Our prices are low because our priority is helping charities and providing organic & natural quality products for a happy & healthy home.  Everyone deserves a healthy environment that is also enjoyable. Encourage your friends & recommend our site. We really appreciate it!


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 Charitable Giving

With every item purchased, $1 will go to a charity ($5 for each Little Picasso purchase). The charities are chosen in the following manner: when you place an order, name a charity that  you would like donations to be made to, this charity will be added to our list (if you don't name a charity, we will assign one to your order). Charities are chosen in order from the list and will be put on the list in the order received. If a charity has already been the chosen charity for the month and comes up as next on the list, it will be passed up for the rest of the month and the list will start at the top again on the following month. Once $25 (25 items purchased) has been earmarked for donations, the donation to the current charity chosen from the list will be made. A different charity will be chosen from the list after each $25 donation. 

**Nothing is 100% guaranteed, but we will do our best. That is a guarantee.
**Charities must be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

**$1 donation subject to change.

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