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Did you know it takes 500 years for one disposable diaper to decompose in our landfills?  By using cloth diapers you can make a significant impact on our environment. 

Why FuzziBunz?

Families who buy FuzziBunz invest for the long term.

They are smart about their finances. They know they can save money on diapers  and spend those savings on enjoying life. They don’t want to throw away their money with each dirty diaper they toss to the curb.

Families who buy FuzziBunz want a reliable diaper that has stood the test of time.

They are not interested in fly-by-night diaper companies who are here today, gone tomorrow.

Families who buy FuzziBunz are originals.

They know FuzziBunz is the original modern cloth diaper – no other modern cloth diaper dates back to 1999. Only FuzziBunz. It is the name families know and trust.

Families who buy FuzziBunz want to trust the companies they support.

They love that FuzziBunz stands behind its diapers through a lifetime warranty, which is unmatched in the modern cloth diapering industry.

Families who buy FuzziBunz are looking for the best of the best, the gold-standard cloth diaper.

They are not easily swayed by gimmicks or shiny new knock-offs. They don’t stray from what works and is proven.

Families who buy FuzziBunz are fashion-forward families.

They are looking for stylish, innovative diapering options. They love FuzziBunz’s vast color choices and limited edition prints and colors. They love how good their babies look and feel in FuzziBunz.

Families who buy FuzziBunz love their babies.

They want only the softest fleece touching their baby’s skin. They want their babies to be comfortable and carefree (not burdened by a diaper) so he or she can enjoy life to its fullest, as a baby should!